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Keep Your Gums Healthy & Breath Fresh 

with ioRinse Ultra Mouthwash

Say Goodbye to Gingivitis and Hello to a More Confident Smile

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 “Nothing works better….

Most of my patients think that they practice good, daily oral hygiene, but that's not enough. Gum disease often progresses into severe, expensive-to-treat, periodontal disease with associated tooth loss. I recommend ioRinse™ Ultra to all my patients with gingivitis." 

— Dr. Dale Kiser, Dentist

Thousands of dental professionals
use and recommend ioTech products.
Watch this brief video and learn why.

Even the best dental patients 

often struggle with gingivitis.

Are you frustrated with:

  • persistent bad breath?

  • bleeding when brushing, flossing, or eating?

  • chronic mouth pain or swollen gums?

  • waking up with blood on your pillow?


Combat Gingivitis

Effectively fight against bacteria that cause gingivitis, ensuring a healthier mouth.

I believe everyone deserves a smile that lights up the room.


Enhance Confidence 

Achieve a more radiant smile through simple daily rinsing, boosting your self-assurance.


Save Money

Reduce the need for costly dental procedures, saving money in the process.

Dr. Herb Moskowitz

I get it. Hearing "you need to do better" at dental checkups can be frustrating.

I know you want to be someone with excellent oral health and a sparkling smile. In order to do that, you need an oral hygiene routine that works. The problem is, you’re already doing everything you can, and it’s not giving you the results you want. This can leave you feeling frustrated and discouraged. I believe everyone deserves a smile that lights up the room. That's why I developed ioRinse™ Ultra — an innovative solution that kicks Gingivitis to the curb.

Here’s how you know ioRinse™ Ultra works:


  • We’re the Dental Experts' Choice: Thousands of dentists and hygienists have attended our seminars, seeking our expertise in cutting-edge research to enhance their patient treatments.

  • Results So Extraordinary, it's Patented: We don’t just sell it. We invented it to provide you and millions of others with exceptional results in the fight against gingivitis. The results have been so extraordinary, it has been patented.

  • Dentist-Approved Trust: Dentists place their trust in us, and you can too. Rely on our reputation and commitment to oral health to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


I firmly believe that you can get the healthy smile you desire and maintain it for a lifetime.


Herb Moskowitz, DDS

Chairman, ioTech International

Dr. Moskowitz


There’s nothing as effective as ioRinse Ultra on the market.

That's why we patented it.

In laboratory testing, ioRinse™ Ultra was tested against other dentist-recommended rinses --- in their ability to destroy two species of bacteria known to cause gingivitis. 


Within the 30-second testing window, ioRinse™ Ultra destroyed these bacteria more successfully than the other rinses and was the only one to reduce these bacteria to undetectable levels — a 1,000,000-fold reduction! Read Full Study Here


ioRinse™ Ultra is far more than just a long-lasting breath freshener. 

Created by a dentist, for dentists and their patients, ioRinse™ Ultra joins the family of ioTech’s award-winning rinses used and recommended by dental offices nationwide.


So unique, 

its patented


Endorsed by leading 

dental professionals


An award-winning Gingivitis solution

Here’s how it works


Order Now

ioRinse™ Ultra will arrive on your doorstep in a few days so you can start fighting gingivitis immediately.

Rinse Daily

Rinse twice daily with ioRinse™ Ultra and you’re on your way to extraordinary results.

Radiate Confidence

Enjoy top-notch oral hygiene and smile confidently, knowing you’re protected with this effective daily treatment.

"ioRinse™ Ultra fights gingivitis more quickly and more effectively than any other product I've seen."
- Dr. Michael Scherb, Dentist

"It's scary how good it works!"
- Robert S, Dental Patient

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"ioRinse™ Ultra is the only gingivitis rinse I recommend."

"ioRinse™ Ultra was proven significantly more effective against periodontal bacteria compared to 6 other dentist-recommended is the only gingivitis rinse I recommend when I lecture to dentists and dental hygienists throughout the country."

Dr. Howard Glazer, Dentist

Dental Educator

KGuasteferro_Original copy.png
"ioRinse™ Ultra is preventive dentistry."

“Rehabilitating broken down mouths is expensive… very expensive. My patients don’t want me to be a dental repairman, and neither do I. Because I practice preventative dentistry, I recommend that my gingivitis patients use ioRinse™ Ultra, each and every day.”

Karlene Guasteferro, DDS, FAGD


"ioRinse™ Ultra is far superior to other products for the control of gingivitis"

"I lecture to thousands of dentists and dental hygienists each year. A key message that I deliver is that ioRinse™ Ultra is far superior to other products for the control of gingivitis, the most common form of gum disease."


Tom Viola, R.Ph, C.C.P,

Clinician. Educator. Speaker. Author. Dental Pharmacology.

"ioRinse™ Ultra is a patient's best defense"

"As a dental professional, I’m responsible for providing instruction in home oral hygiene. It’s usually an uphill battle because gum disease is so insidious and develops so easily. Including ioRinse™ Ultra in a daily home hygiene regimen is a patients’ best defense against gingivitis."


Kristy Montoya

Dental Professional

gingivitis image small.png

Untreated gingivitis can lead to severe periodontal disease, which includes gum inflammation, bone loss, and tooth problems. This can lead to serious health consequences such as cardiovascular disease. 


Too many people end up with expensive dental bills,
simply because the oral hygiene aids they were using at home weren’t effective.


Taking proactive measures at home is the best way to make a significant difference. 

By incorporating ioRinse Ultra into your daily routine, you can promote a healthy smile now while preventing serious issues later.

Gingivitis is a slippery slope if left untreated

  • I am allergic to shellfish. Is it safe to use ioRinse™ Ultra?
    Yes. Shellfish allergy is caused by a protein in shellfish muscle, not by any ingredients in ioRinse™ Ultra.
  • I had a reaction to contrast media used in imaging. Will ioRinse™ Ultra harm me?
    The only ingredient used in contrast media that is also in ioRinse™ Ultra is water. So a reaction to contrast media should not cause a reaction with the use of ioRinse™ Ultra.
  • I would like my child to use your product. What is the minimum age you suggest?
    Young children should use ioRinse™ Ultra under parental supervision. Infants can have a parent swab ioRinse™ Ultra directly onto erupted teeth.
  • How often should I use ioRinse™ Ultra mouthwash?
    Twice daily, morning and night, unless instructed otherwise by your dentist.
  • How long must I be using ioRinse™ Ultra for it to have an effect?
    ioRinse™ Ultra begins working immediately.
  • I read that taking too much iodine is bad for the thyroid. Is this a problem with ioRinse™ Ultra use?
    ioRinse™ Ultra contains iodine which is an essential nutrient which is extremely safe to use. It is not intended to be swallowed. Follow the label directions for safe and effective use. Check with your physician if you have concerns.
  • Is ioRinse™ Ultra gluten-free?
  • Can I use ioRinse™ Ultra if I'm pregnant or nursing?
    Yes. It is even more important to use ioRinse™ Ultra when pregnant or nursing to help avoid pregnancy gingivitis and to avoid iodine deficiency diseases.
  • What happens if I swallow ioRinse™ Ultra?
    The active ingredient in ioRinse™ Ultra is an essential nutrient. Although not intended for ingestion, there is a wide safety margin, even if a few ounces are swallowed. If concerned, contact your physician or poison control center.
  • Are there any side effects with ioRinse™ Ultra?
    ioRinse™ Ultra is extremely safe to use. It is possible, though highly unlikely, that's someone sensitive to an ioRinse™ Ultra ingredient (such as flavoring). If an untoward reaction does occur, discontinue use and contact your physician.
  • Will ioRinse™ Ultra cause teeth sensitivity or staining?
    No. ioRinse™ Ultra has been used by tens of thousands of patients without causing sensitivity or teeth staining. If the teeth are coated with starch-containing plaque, the starch may stain, but that stained plaque is easily removed.
  • Can I use ioRinse™ Ultra if I have braces or other orthodontic appliances?
    Yes. You can freely use ioRinse™ Ultra while wearing braces or other orthodontic appliances.
  • Is ioRinse™ Ultra available at my local store?
    No. ioRinse™ Ultra is available at leading dental offices, on Amazon, or at
  • What if I forget to use it consistently?
    Just like with dieting, the more consistently you follow the plan, the better the results. If you are unable to rinse regularly for a while, resume regular rinsing as soon as you are able to.

Frequently Asked Questions

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