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  • ioCleanse™ Hand Cleanser and ioMist™ Nasal Spray now available

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  • New study shows COVID-19 is rapidly inactivated by Povidone Iodine. Read full article HERE

Professional Store

ioTech International is a world leader in molecular iodine research and development, ushering in a new generation of advanced, patented germicidal products

Products Powered by Molecular Iodine

A complete portfolio of powerful molecular iodine products equipping healthcare professionals with agents designed to rapidly kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. Our wide range of products include flavored oral rinses, a periodontal gel, a concentrated irrigating solution, a hand cleanser and a nasal mist... all with the unique power of molecular iodine. Available for purchase in either the Professional or Consumer stores. 

Dental and medical professionals will need to establish an account. Use the Professional Store to order products.

Innovative Science, Revolutionary Products

After years of research & development, the ioTech International research team guided by Director of Research, Rodger Kolsky & Scientific Advisory Board Chairman, Dr. Jack Kessler, have achieved the first major breakthrough in iodine chemistry in 65 years. The unique, stable, patented formulations, exclusively created by IoTech International, boost the active molecular iodine concentrations by more than 100 fold resulting in dramatically increased pathogen killing power. 

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“Please get this into the hands of our front-line workers and the major care centers.”

- David E. Williams, DDS

"We are excited to start using ioTech's molecular iodine products in order to provide a critical extra layer of protection going beyond the CDCs recommended usage of PPE, soap & water and hand sanitizer. "

- Hillel Ephros, DMD, MD

“I use ioRinse before treating every dental patient to help ensure an extra layer of protection for myself and my staff.”

- Ari Moskowitz, DDS

“Our patients are encouraged to use ioRinse at home twice daily to manage periodontal issues.”

- Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH,

Americas Dental Hygienist

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