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ioRinse RTU

Recommended by 1,000s of Dental Professionals: ioRinse™ RTU Mouthwash is the choice of dentists and dental hygienists across the United States. Trust the brand that dental professionals recommend for daily, at-home use. Trust ioRinse™ RTU.

Product Description

Molecular Power: Our unique molecular iodine, patented formula targets halitosis (bad breath) at its source. ioRinse™ RTU Mouthwash is designed to provide a professional-level cleaning of your mouth, ensuring a fresh and healthy feeling after every use. Our award-winning ioRinse™ RTU Mouthwash stands out among other mouthwashes because it is alcohol-free, suitable for those with sensitive teeth and just works better. With just a 30-second rinse and spit, you'll experience the powerful effects of molecular iodine just like dentists do. This fluoride-free mouthwash is perfect for those looking for a gentle yet effective oral rinse that can be used daily. Say goodbye to products that your dentist wouldn’t use, and say hello to a more comfortable, fresher smile with ioRinse RTU Mouthwash.

About ioRinse RTU

  • Powerful Breath Freshener: ioRinse™ RTU is formulated as a powerful, long lasting breath freshener. Its advanced, mouth-freshening technology is so unique, it was awarded two U.S. patents.

  • Molecular Iodine: ioRinse™ RTU is a patented, molecular iodine mouthwash that has won several professional awards. Molecular iodine is used in thousands of dental offices where professional strength is needed. Now you can get the same professional strength that dentists rely on.

  • Safe for Long Term Use for Adults and Children: ioRinse™ RTU is safe to use each day for years and is also safe for children to use following label directions.

  • Alcohol-Free and Gentle on Sensitive Teeth: Our ioRinse™ RTU Mouthwash is formulated without alcohol, making it ideal for individuals with sensitive teeth or those who prefer an alcohol-free option. The gentle formula has won professional awards and is the choice of leading dentists for its effectiveness.

  • Convenient and Easy to Use: ioRinse™ RTU Mouthwash comes in a 1 liter bottle, making it perfect for daily use as a long lasting mouthwash. Simply rinse vigorously for 30 seconds and then spit for a professional-level cleaning experience right at home

  • Professional Grade: The unique, patented, professional strength molecular iodine formula works effectively in thousands of dental offices and has won awards for its effectiveness. Thanks to the properties of molecular iodine, ioRinse™ RTU cleanses your mouth with professional care.

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