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Frequently Asked Questions

Responses to Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Are ioTech products well-accepted?

Ans: Thousands of consumers and health care professionals use ioTech products, regularly.  

Q. I am allergic to shellfish. Is it safe to use ioRinse™?

Ans: Yes. Shellfish allergy is caused by a protein in. shellfish muscle, not by any ingredients in ioRinse™

Q. I had a reaction to contrast media used in imaging. Will ioRinse™ harm me?

Ans: The only ingredient used in contrast media that is also used in ioRinse™ is water. So a reaction to contrast media should not cause a reaction with the use of ioRinse™.

Q.  I would like my child to use your product. What is the minimum age you suggest?


Ans: 6 years of age.

Q. How often should I use ioRinse™ mouthwash?

Ans: Twice daily, morning and night, unless instructed otherwise by your dentist.

Q. How often should I use the ioRinse™ oral irrigant?

Ans: Once daily, unless instructed otherwise by your dentist.

Q. How long must I be using ioRinse™ for it to have an effect?

Ans: ioRinse™ begins working immediately.

Q. I read that taking too much iodine is bad for the thyroid. Is this a problem with ioRinse™ use?

Ans: ioRinse™ is not intended to be swallowed. Follow the label directions for safe and effective use.

Q. Does ioRinse™ stain or taste like iodine?

Ans: It does not stain and it has a pleasant flavor. There is no iodine taste.

Q. If my dentist doesn’t carry ioRinse™, where can I buy it?

Ans: ioRinse™ is available from professional dental offices and from this website. It is not sold in stores.

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