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ioRinse MR

Recommended & trusted by 1,000s of dentists because it simply works better! Professional strength ioRinse™ Ultra provides powerful long-lasting protection against gingivitis, bad breath & plaque 

Product Description

Introducing ioRinse™ Ultra, the ultimate mouthwash for those seeking a powerful solution to tackle bad breath, and gingivitis gum issues. Our alcohol-free formula is the perfect choice for those who need a sensitive mouthwash without compromising on effectiveness. ioRinse™ Ultra's unique formula is designed to reduce the agents responsible for gingivitis, leaving your mouth feeling fresh and clean. By providing relief from gingivitis, plaque buildup, and bad breath ioRinse™ Ultra also promotes overall oral health. Our fluoride-free, zero alcohol mouthwash is gentle enough for daily use, making it an essential part of your oral care routine.

About ioRinse RTU

  • Recommended by Thousands of Dental Professionals: Thousands of dentists & dental hygienists recommend ioRinse™ Ultra mouthwash for the best protection against gingivitis, bad breath and plaque buildup. Trust the rinse that dental professionals use and recommend.

  • Proven Effective: ioRinse Ultra mouthwash was tested for its effectiveness in destroying periodontal impurities that cause gingivitis compared to leading dentist-recommended rinses. ioRinse Ultra was the only rinse shown to be fully effective. It was 28 times more effective than the next most effective rinse.

  • Safe for Long Term Use for Adults and Children: ioRinse™ Ultra is an OTC drug conforming to stringent FDA guidelines. It is safe to use each day for years and is also safe for children to use following label directions.

  • Superior Gum Health: ioRinse™ Ultra mouthwash, is designed to fight and eliminate the causes of gingivitis and bad breath, reducing them to undetectable levels; This powerful formula promotes gum health and helps prevent gum issues, giving you a fresh and healthy smile.

  • Alcohol-Free Formula: Unlike traditional mouthwashes, ioRinse™ Ultra does not contain alcohol, making it perfect for sensitive mouths and those who prefer an alcohol-free option; This gentle yet effective formula ensures a comfortable and refreshing experience.

  • Potent Bad Breath Eliminator: Say goodbye to bad breath with ioRinse™ Ultra's advanced formula, which targets the root causes of bad breath; Enjoy long-lasting fresh breath and increased confidence in social situations.

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