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ioGel Tray Gel

ioGel Dental Tray Gel for Deep Pocket Cleansing, Non-Staining, Green Apple Flavor - Natural Oral Care, Made in USA

Product Description

Introducing ioGel™ Tray Gel, the ultimate dental tray gel that provides a comprehensive clean, reaching deep into pockets that brushing or flossing alone can't access. The natural, organic ingredients in ioGel™ make it a non-staining, soothing, and cleansing gel that you'll love. With a pleasant, light green-apple flavor, ioGel™ makes upgrading your dental hygiene routine enjoyable and refreshing. Previously available only to dental professionals, ioTech's ioGel™ and other oral care products are now accessible to homes across America. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, ioTech is committed to providing high-quality dental care products made right here in the USA.

About ioGel Tray Gel

  • Molecular Iodine Infused: ioGel™ is a patented molecular iodine gel, that reaches deep pockets that brushing or flossing can't reach; Experience a more complete clean and fresher breath with this essential ingredient.

  • Full Arch Periodontal Trays: Our ioGel™ dental tray gel is designed for use with dentist-provided periodontal trays, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum coverage for effective cleansing; Avoid more costly treatments and get a professional level cleanse at home!

  • Green Apple Flavor - ioGel™ dental tray gel features a pleasant, light green-apple flavor that you will enjoy as you upgrade your dental routine; Transform your oral care routine into a refreshing and enjoyable experience with our delicious, natural flavor.

  • Soothing Action: Just fill your applicator tray with ioGel™ and press firmly in place; Spit out excess gel and within a few minutes the soothing, restoring, cleansing, and refreshing action of ioGel™ cleanses your gums.

  • Available in 12 oz bottle

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