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ioRinse Concentrated Irrigant

Recommended by 1,000s of dentists because it simply works better. Professional strength ioRinse Concentrated Irrigant with 0.03% molecular iodine. Use with any water flosser for powerful results.

Product Description

Discover the power of ioRinse™ Concentrated irrigant, a revolutionary concentrated irrigant made with active 0.03% molecular iodine that effectively targets and eliminates bad breath This potent formula is alcohol-free, making it the perfect irrigant for individuals who want a gentle yet effective solution for maintaining a fresher mouth. ioRinse™ Concentrated Irrigant is designed to enhance your oral care routine. ioRinse Concentrated Irrigant works as a powerful irrigant when diluted with water, and is formulated for use with all water-flossers and oral irrigating devices ( including WaterPik, Burst and Philips). Say goodbye to irrigants that don’t get the job done and hello to the next generation of oral care with ioRinse™ Concentrated Irrigant.

About ioRinse Concentrated Irrigant

  • Recommended by 1,000s of Dental Professional: Dentists and dental hygienists from all over the United States recommend ioRinse™ Concentrated Irrigant because it simply works better. Just one capful of ioRinse Concentrated Irrigant added to the water of your oral irrigating device or water flosser will turn it into a powerful, mouth-cleaning-machine. Trust ioRinse™ Concentrated Irrigant, the brand that dental professionals trust.

  • Attack Gum Problems at their Source: By flushing out periodontal pockets with ioRinse™ Concentrated Irrigant, containing 0.03% molecular iodine are being delivered to cleanse the base of periodontal pockets where periodontal infections begin and “perio breath” starts.

  • 0.03% Active Molecular Iodine: ioRinse™ Concentrated Irrigant is a powerful, patented, award-winning irrigant made with active molecular iodine, providing you with effective oral care and protection against bad breath. ioRinse™ Concentrated Irrigant is ideal for use with WaterPik water flossing systems and all other oral irrigating devices, making it the perfect addition to your daily oral care routine.

  • Award Winning Irrigant: ioRinse™ Concentrated Irrigant was clinically tested and voted Best product of the Year by an independent dental research organization. Trust the brand that dental professionals trust.

  • Safe for Long Term Use for Adults and Children: ioRinse™ Concentrated Irrigant is safe to use each day for years and is also safe for children to use following label directions.

  • Concentrated Formula: Our concentrated formula is so uniquely powerful that it is patented. It is designed to be used with dental irrigation systems, making oral cleansing more effective.

  • Alcohol-Free & Fluoride-Free: ioRinse™ Concentrated Irrigant is an alcohol-free and fluoride-free mouthwash, making it suitable for those who prefer a more natural approach to their oral care; Our formula is gentle on your teeth and gums.

  • Fresh Breath & Healthy Gums: Our ioRinse™ Concentrated Irrigant is formulated to give you fresh breath and a cleaner clean. The active 0.03% molecular iodine in our mouthwash effectively fights bad breath, killing the germs that cause bad breath in seconds. Enjoy the confidence that comes with a clean, healthy mouth.

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