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ioCleanse Hand Cleanser

Used by healthcare professionals because it simply works better. Use hospital strength, patented, ioCleanse™ Molecular Iodine Hand Cleanser when you absolutely, positively need it to work.

Product Description

Surgeons use iodine for their hands, you should too: ioCleanse™ is a revolutionary hand cleansing spray designed for you and your family in today's fast-paced world. Our unique formula harnesses the power of molecular iodine, used by surgeons and operating room staff worldwide. ioCleanse™ is alcohol-free and contains no harmful chemicals, making it gentle on your skin and safe for all ages. Our powerful yet gentle formula is ideal for use in schools, offices, restaurants, and other high-traffic areas, keeping your hands safe and clean!

About ioCleanse Hand Cleanser

  • Complete Cleansing: Iodine hand products are used by surgeons and operating room staff around the world, and now you, too, can enjoy a professional level of cleanliness thanks to ioCleanse™, the iodine hand cleaning solution that works

  • Doctor Recommended: Trust the hand cleanser that doctors recommend. The ioCleanse™ advanced hand cleansing technology is so powerful and unique that it is covered by 2 US. patents.

  • Natural and Safe: Our alcohol-free, sulfate-free hand cleansing solution gives you a total clean, with no stains, no fillers or unnecessary harsh chemicals; You’ll get a deeper clean with ioCleanse™, and your skin will thank you for it.

  • Cleanse Faster: ioCleanse™ is a no-rinse, alcohol-free, soap-free cleanser for your hands; Just spray and rub into your hands and you’re good to go; It's a fast, efficient cleanser that leaves your hands feeling soft, clean and ready to face the day.

  • How To: Spray and thoroughly wet hands; Allow hands to remain wet for at least 30 seconds while rubbing vigorously until dry; Enjoy thoroughly clean hands thanks to ioCleanse™  Molecular Iodine Hand Cleanser.

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