Frequently Asked Questions

Responses to Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Has ioRinse™ been tested for effectiveness?

Ans: The main ingredient in our products is Molecular Iodine. It has undergone rigorous testing by independent laboratories and universities. It is recognized internationally for its superior efficacy. Clinical studies have been performed validating the effectiveness of ioRinse™. A pilot clinical study was conducted by a board-certified Periodontist. In that study, ioRinse™ was found to be very effective and superior to the leading, existing product. In a second clinical study, conducted by a leading, independent, research organization, the results were overwhelmingly favorable, as well.

Q. How safe is ioRinse™?

Ans: The active ingredients in ioRinse™ are recognized as safe by FDA. Furthermore, our main active is molecular iodine, which is an essential nutrient. It is required by our bodies for optimal health.

Q. I am allergic to shellfish. Is it safe to use ioRinse™?

Ans: Yes. Shellfish allergy is not due to the iodine content but rather to a protein in shellfish unrelated to iodine.

Q. I had a reaction to contrast media used in imaging. Will ioRinse™ affect me?

Ans: During imaging procedures, a large volume of contrast media is injected directly into the bloodstream. That can shock the

system. Contrast media also may contain other ingredients shown to cause strong sensitivity reactions which are not present in our mouth rinse. Since ioRinse™ is not intended for ingestion and because only a very small percentage of the population have a true iodine allergy, a reaction to iodine contrast media does not necessarily mean that someone will be sensitive to ioRinse™.

Q.  I would like my child to use your product. What is the minimum age you suggest?


Ans: 6 years of age.

Q. What is the difference between iodide and molecular iodine?

Ans: Iodide is a salt of iodine which is used to treat iodine deficiency and protect from radiation poisoning. Molecular iodine, the main active in ioRinse™ accounts for the far superior performance of ioRinse, compared to iodide.

Q. How often should I use ioRinse™ mouthwash?

Ans: Twice daily, morning and night, unless instructed otherwise by your dentist.

Q. How often should I use the ioRinse™ oral irrigant?

Ans: Once daily, unless instructed otherwise by your dentist.

Q. Does the daily use of ioRinse™ cause resistance to develop in bacteria?

Ans: There is no evidence in the published literature that iodine promotes resistance development that other agents cause. So this is not a concern with ioRinse™.

Q. How long must I be using ioRinse™ for it to have an effect?

Ans: ioRinse™ begins working immediately and its effect can be noticed within a few days of use.

Q. I read that taking too much iodine is bad for the thyroid. Is this a problem with ioRinse™ use?

Ans: Iodide salts are actively transported into the thyroid, where they accumulate. Molecular iodine does not preferentially build up in the thyroid gland and excess is excreted in the urine. Also, ioRinse™ is not for ingestion, so thyroid toxicity is not a concern with ioRinse™ use.

Q. Does ioRinse™ stain or taste like iodine?

Ans: It does not stain and it has a pleasant flavor. There is no iodine taste.

Q. If my dentist doesn’t carry ioRinse™, where can I buy it?

Ans: ioRinse™ is available from professional dental offices and from this website. It is not sold in stores.