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 Achieve optimal oral health in your pet

Fresh breath. Healthy gums. Reduced pet bills.

Many pet owners are fed up with expensive, ineffective dental care

  • Do you love your pet, but not its stinky breath?

  • Are the escalating vet bills for dental care stressing you out?

  • Are you worried about the systemic diseases your pet could develop due to gum disease?

  • Are you tired of high-maintenance treatments that are
    impossible to maintain?

  • Are you worried that the current level of dental care you’re providing isn’t enough?

  • Do you feel helpless when your pet struggles to chew?

  • Is your pet losing teeth due to worsening gum disease?

  • Are you overwhelmed by all the products that claim to help dental issues but aren’t backed by clinical support?


I believe it can be easy and affordable to protect 

your pet’s teeth and maintain fresh breath.


Banish Bad Breath

With daily use of ioVet Oral, your pet's breath will be clean and close-up fresh.


Enhance Oral Health

Proactively fight against the development of painful gum disease in your pet.


Banish Bad Breath

With daily use of ioVet Oral, your pet's breath will be clean and close-up fresh.


Preserve Pet's Teeth

Protect your pet's teeth from being lost to gum disease, ensuring a lifetime of healthy, pain-free chewing.


Implement with Ease

 With a small amount in your pet's water, implementing ioVet Oral is as effortless as it is effective.


Combat Systemic Disease

Avoid deteriorating gum
disease which can lead to
poor overall health.

I get it. Balancing your pet's 

oral health and your budget is hard.


Dr. Moskowitz

As a caring pet owner, I understand the challenges you face every day. The persistent battle against gum disease, the stinky breath that makes your dog's kisses less enjoyable, and the sky-high vet bills.


It's a struggle I've witnessed too often in my 25 years as a practicing dentist. Yes, you heard it right. I’m a dentist, and my patient list isn't limited to humans. I've treated thousands of patients with gum disease, both two-legged and four-legged. You see, by age two, 85% of our precious pets have developed gum disease. This can lead to painful chewing, tooth loss, aggravated systemic conditions, and worse, skyrocketing vet bills.


The bitter truth? Your pet cannot maintain its oral hygiene like you can. It's all up to you.


But what if you could protect your furry friend's dental health, maintain fresh breath, and avoid costly vet visits, all at once?...

Introducing ioVet Oral, the unique solution enriched with molecular iodine…

This clinically-proven formulation fights dental plaque
more effectively than daily veteri
narian-supervised brushing.


This means you can ensure your pet's oral health without the need for those expensive dental treatments.


With daily use of ioVet Oral, you can help your pet say “goodbye” to unpleasant breath and “hello” to fresh, kissable mornings. We believe that a few drops each day should not only save your pet from gum disease but also make every moment you share even more enjoyable.


So unique, 

its patented


Endorsed by leading 

vet professionals


A cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind  solution

The process is easy!


Purchase ioVet Oral

Click a few buttons to buy ioVet Oral directly from our website.

Implement Daily

Effortlessly add a small amount of ioVet Oral into your pet's water each day.

Enjoy a Healthy Pet

Rejoice in your pet's improved oral health, less vet visits, and budget savings.

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